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Cleaning & Polishing - $85 | Dental Exam & X-Rays - $40 | Kids Cleaning - $60 *(Exam & X-Rays included)

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Affordable payments, an easy online process, and no hidden fees – Springstone just makes sense.

We offer a full range of cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures

With over three decades of combined experience in patient lending, we’ve taken the best of what we’ve learned to develop Springstone℠. Our vision is to combine the convenience of the Internet with caring, personal service to bring you the next generation of patient financing. Our goal is to help each patient receive the procedure they seek, and offer a refreshingly pleasant experience in the process. At Springstone, we promise you payment plans that are an economical alternative to most personal loans and credit cards. From the user-friendly website to our cheerful and knowledgeable customer care specialists, our whole team is working to make sure you are simply moving forward. Springstone helps you do more of the dentistry you love by offering the lowest monthly payments. Read more

Applying for CareCredit is easy. First search for your doctor, choose from a list of doctors, or simply tell us how you think you will use CareCredit.

Get the brilliant, beautiful smile you have always wanted!

Then submit the one-page application and you'll have an answer immediately. If you prefer to apply over the phone, call us toll free at (800) 677-0718. CareCredit is a credit card and as with most credit cards, if you do not make your monthly payment on time or miss a payment, you will incur a much higher interest rate and fees. If you have not yet applied for CareCredit, you will see ther high interest rate within the application. In order to make CareCredit successful for you and to avoid these high interest rates, it is essential you make your minimum monthly payment and pay off your balance by the agreed upon due date. When you use CareCredit for purchases of $200 or more, you can choose one of our special financing options. Select the available option that's best for your situation. Read more

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We recommend routine preventive dental care visits two times a year

If your shopping for coverage is new to you and your family, we can help simplify the process. Call our Financial Coordinator at 650-952-2689 today to find out your dental care financing options! Plus, getting coverage with Laurel Dental is easy – it only takes a few simple steps to enroll. And using your plan is easy, too. All the billing is taken care of automatically and you'll always know what you'll pay for any exam or procedure.